Sulphurous waters

Sulphurous waters

The means of application of the sulphurous waters


Thermal water is broken into tiny droplets that reach all the airways, even though, by virtue of their size, are deposited preferentially on the mucous membranes of the nose and the upper part of the pharynx.

The humages

These particular aerosol is made for inhaling the gas (hydrogen sulfide) extracted from water. The gas can also reach those areas (for example paranasal sinuses) where the water droplets would arrive with difficulty.

Direct Jets

A hot steam and pressure controlled jet is breathed by the person undergoing the treatment. The size of the droplets means that they are deposited preferentially on the intermediate part of the respiratory tract (pharynx, larynx).

This method, by virtue of the type of water used, also gives good results in acne disorders.

Vaporisation in environment

Water is sprayed in a room, creating a fog effect. Remaining comfortably seated, people inhale water particles which, due to their size, also reach the smaller branching of the bronchi.

The tympanic insufflation and the politzer

These methods allow to reach the facilities of the middle ear by making their benefits in pathologies of this anatomical region.

The nasal washes

Washing the upper respiratory tract allows to mechanically remove accumulated secretions over time by improving the effects of the inhalation treatments.

The micronized nasal washes

It’s a more gentle method, and therefore more acceptable to children, to get the same benefits of nasal irrigation.

The baths

The actions already mentioned of the sulphurous waters on the skin make them useful, as well as in certain diseases, such as psoriasis or dermatitis of various kinds, even to get an improvement of the skin appearance after a bath, which is softer and more velvety. In the presence of venous or mixed ulcers (inflamed and infected), baths reduce the infected and inflamed significantly.