Children and Spa

Children and Spa

The Baths, with their heritage of natural cures, have always represented an important moment in the treatment of a number of very common diseases in children.

Ear, nose and throat diseases

The ENT diseases are frequently found in children: ear infections, adenoiditis, tonsillitis, allergic rhinitis and non-allergic ones, pharyngitis are diseases that get our little ones sick quite often.

There are multiple causes for these diseases: the immune system is not yet fully formed, hypertrophy of the adenotonsillar system, that obstruct nasal breathing and oxygenation of the eardrum, may originate pathological facts that have a tendency to become recurrent.

Spa treatments with sulfur water (or in special cases with salsobromoiodine water) give substantial benefits in inflammatory forms or the allergic ones.

The application of the water takes place in spaces reserved for children, through a variety of techniques: aerosol, humages, direct jet inhalation, Politzer or endotympanic insufflation, micronized nasal washes or traditional washes. There are also spraying sessions in environment practiced.

Other diseases

Atopic dermatitis has a significant rate in children, who can benefit of thermal baths in sulphurous water.

In the rehabilitation center, also neurologic diseases can then be treated as much as or various orthopedic type of disorders, associating the treatments in the gym to those in the water.

It should not be forgotten that the Baths represent a natural recreational environment: the races in the spa park, the baths in the pool where the salsobromoiodine water at 35°C gives the child the feeling of returning the womb, are moments of serenity.

A spa vacation for the whole family. It is full of fun, relaxation and the discovery of nature, along with curing many ailments, made for children but also for parents. A holiday in search of the family’s “complete wellness”.