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Thermal treatments

Thermal treatments in Porretta

The waters and muds are the primary means to treat diseases that man has ever used.

Hippocrates dedicates, in what can be considered the first treatise in the history of medicine, the Corpus Hippocraticum, large parts of his work to the study waters in the scientific sense: chemical characteristics, organoleptic, hygienic problems, use of baths in various diseases, effects of hot and cold bath on the human organism.
Since ancient times, man has sought the health and wellness in the water, which is not only the predominant constituent body (the body of an adult is composed of water to 60%), but also as symbolic object, cultural value.
The sources are related to the care pilgrimages, cult phenomena related to holy or divine figures, the thermal stay is accompanied by research of the psychic and spiritual wellbeing.
To be called the “mineral”, waters must have documented pharmacological effects on the body.

The thermal waters

The thermal waters, or better thermo-mineral, present at Porretta Terme, are divided into two groups: