Vascular Paths

Vascular Paths


Purposely designed for the treatment of circulatory diseases of the lower limbs, the vascular path are particularly effective also in all those situations of heaviness in the lower limbs, firstly made by us in 1978, in collaboration with the University of Bologna, they represent a very effective technique to the vascular pathologies in the lower limbs (heavy legs, outcomes of vascular surgery, peripheral stress due to work), also due to water retention, etc. that is so common especially in women and is often caused by too much inactivity.

The tanks, at a height of about 80 cm. and length of some meters, have a variable temperature between 34/35° and 23/24°, with water jets positioned at various heights in salsobromoiodine water, thus favoring a real gymnastics for both small and voluminous cutaneous vessels.

They are also particularly recommended during pregnancy as they lighten legs in the moment of more intense circulatory problems, present even in healthy women.

It is suggested to walk in the two tanks alternately for 20 minutes at a steady pace (not too slowly but not running).

The path must be made barefoot to get the most of squeezing effect of the foot sole by the pebbles (and therefore obtaining a greater venous return from the periphery to the center of the leg with emptying the liquids in excess).

At the end of the treatment, it is recommended a short relaxation lying on the lounge chairs with feet higher than the body, along with eventual lymphatic drainage cycles.