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The Thermal Waters’ natural therapy within the Appennine's heart

The Thermal Waters’ natural therapy within the Appennine's heart

The Thermal Waters’ natural therapy within the Appennine's heart

Terme di Porretta


Prevention, Cure, Rehabilitation, Research

Our thermal Pool


The thermal pool

The Porretta Terme’s pool is a thermal pool containing salsobromoiodine water at a temperature of 35°C.

The structural characteristics allow its use by everyone: people suffering from arthrosis who want to cure their osteoarticular system, people trying to relief body and mind from the stress of everyday life, pregnant women who want to prepare optimally for childbirth, children who get acquainted to water for the first time, disabled people who need rehabilitation.

The thermal pool is covered by the NHS

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Thermal Treatments


Waters with exceptional characteristics come out from the springs of Porretta Terme

Muds, baths, vaporisation therapies and specific treatments. Find out the formula for your health, studied by our Thermal Spa.

Respiratory Treatments

Particularly indicated for smokers and workers exposed to dusts, the treatments of respiratory disorders are perfect to purify the body from pollutants.

Otolaryngology (ENT)

The Spa treatments are suitable for all patients who suffer from sinusitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis and other ENT diseases, very frequent in children.

Vascular Treatments

For the treatment of these diseases, it is used the salsobromoiodine water from our springs, in vascular paths or bathtubs, and in some cases sulfur waters are used as well.

Rheumatoid arthritis Treatments

The spa treatments are indicated in cases of rheumatic diseases, activating a natural anti-inflammatory function generated by the salsobromoiodine water and the muds.

PhysioKinesis Therapy

Porretta Terme is considered one of the most qualified centers for physical, neurological, respiratory and vascular rehabilitation, nationwide and for many years now.


The effective action of the waters and muds of the Spa is the natural treatment for the health of your skin. The properties of our sources allow a cellular multiplication of the dermis.

Our Waters


Salsobromoiodine and sulfur waters come out from the springs of Porretta Terme

Our Waters are our symbol

Wellness SPA


The wellness centre Natural Spa is a quiet oasis where delicates scents, soft colours and relaxing music reign.

Relax programs


Discover our spa products online and buy the one that suits you!

The services at the Thermal SPA


Our range of services is studied to give a natural rearrangement of your psych-physic functionalities: specialistic visits and assisted paths to psychologic disorders.

Are you ready to give yourself a wellness break?

Find out the best service for you

Specialistic Visits

The team of the spa is at your disposal for visits and specialist examinations during your stay. The offices of the Health Department will answer your needs and will provide you with all detailed information.

Analysis Lab

The specialized laboratory for analysis of the center is available for all guests who want to combine the visit with a professional inspection.

Spa and ozone therapy

Oxygen-Ozone Therapy is a healing method with a precise mixture of medical oxygen and ozone. A practice with an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant power that also has beneficial effects on the immune system.
Opening of underground visits to the hot springs!

Opening of underground visits to the hot springs!

Following a popular demand, every Saturday morning, the underground springs of Porretta Terme open to the public! We are pleased to announce the start of guided tours to discover the underground springs of Porretta Terme. The visiting shifts are every Saturday morning...

Our conference on rehabilitation and prevention

Our conference on rehabilitation and prevention

On the 16th of April we held our first conference on prevention and rehabilitation through spa treatments at Palazzo de'Toschi in Bologna. The initiative, addressed to specialists of the medical sector, was chaired by Prof. Sergio Coccheri, Professor in Cardiovascular...


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The care departments, administration, medical clinics, wellness centre are continuously open to allow workers, traders, students to enjoy the exceptional benefits of spa treatments.

Via Roma, 5, 40046 Porretta Terme BO, Italy

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