Aesthetic Medicine Spa

Aesthetic Medicine Spa Center

The Wellness Center

It is quiet oasis where reigning delicate, soft colors and soothing musical notes.

The Natural spa offers unusual types of massage, purification and detoxification pathways, rituals of beauty and wellness with an extra value compared to the proposals of any other spa: it offers the proven combination of thermal waters, experience and skill. Each path of well-being and body care guarantees personalisation, confidentiality and privacy for the maximum satisfaction of every guest.

The Wellness Center of Porretta Terme offers packages with wellness treatments, complete and personalised treatments, to rediscover the beauty that comes from feeling good.

The Wellness SPA treatments are also always included in the spa and wellness offerings. Depending on the individual needs, the treatment cycle may include: general check-up, spa treatmentsbeauty treatments, facial mud, biolifting, peeling for face / body.

The thermal waters, used for their therapeutic properties, are also ideal for beauty treatments at the spa: water gymnastics, hydromassage, lymphatic drainage, pressure therapy, hand massage, outdoor gymnastics with instructor, detox diets personalised for rebalancing and slimming, music therapy.

All products used in our treatments are derived from our thermal waters and their muds

For information:

Thermal Pool Opening time

  • Monday to Saturday: 08:30am to 1:00pm and from 2:30pm to 7:00pm

Only on reservation at the number 0534 22062

The body and soul

For over two thousand years Porretta has been famous for its Spa.

Only by restoring the right respiratory, metabolic and physical balance, the organism begins to function efficiently, giving the body a more youthful appearance. To achieve this psycho-physical condition and maintain a constant vitality, it is essential to treat oneself from time to time, a bit of time to devote to personal treatments, in the complete tranquility of nature.

Harmony and relaxation

The Terme of Porretta are among the most renowned in Italy and Europe, both for the extraordinary therapeutic properties of its waters, and for the pleasure of your stay and the vacation in a natural and charming environment, rich in traditions and culture.

They have highly professional health care workers and facilities equipped with the latest thermal technology.

The Spa Centres of Specialisation are open all year in Porretta Terme, in order to integrate with high-level diagnostic centers, traditional spa treatments: baths, mud baths, neuro-physical rehabilitation, skin care, pressure-therapy, gynecological treatments, as well as dietetic services and a Wellness Center with specific treatments for the face and body. Arriving in Porretta ensures a personalised and exceptional treatment for the recovery of the most complete state of well-being.